Geelhandplaats 21/1

2060 Antwerp

when nothing is left unsaid,

the silence speaks in many tongues


Earnest allows life to be her inspiration,

resulting in energetic and transformative paintings.

The Importance of Being embodies the core of the work of  e a r n e s t.  Who are we ?  Really ?  To what extent are we, who we are ? In what order do the others limit us, in our being ? Or do we put boundaries on our self out of fear or ignorance ? Can or will we be able to detach ourselves from patterns and systems in which we were purged ? Do we close our eyes for what happens in and around us ? Do we linger in superficiality or do we accept the challenge to experience the depth and the height ? Do we open up for a universal connection or do we cling on to indifference and individualism ?

Besides painting & making art, e a r n e s t (┬░Antwerp, 1976) works on a graphic novel.

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