E  a r  n  e s  t


2018           Artist in Residence at Moeskop, Antwerp

                  Multimodel at 't Werkhuys, Borgerhout, organised by Serge Baeken



2018 2017   POWER, at Multitude Signature, Wilrijk


2017  Cadixroute, Antwerp


Artist in Residence at Moeskop, Antwerp


'A family affair', Onzea-expo, Tracé Cultuurstation, Veltwijcklaan 222, 2180 Ekeren


ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH, Buenos Aires (Argentina), at Laura Haber Gallery (ItsLIQUID)


Vierseizoenenmodel, group expo at 't Werkhuys, Borgerhout






2016  Silent Conversations, De Verdieping (adjacent de Moeskop), Antwerpen


2016  Vol van Genade, Multitude at Kasteel Sterckshof, Deurne

         Artist in Residence at Moeskop, Antwerp

         CADIX-route, Antwerp

2015  ALL + 1 = 1, Love, CO Nova Antwerp

ALL + 1 = 1, Giving/Taking, CO Nova, Antwerp

         ALL + 1 = 1, Human Colours, CO Nova, Antwerp

2014 Reservoir of enclosed matter at Morbee Galerie, Brussels

Group expo with RACHEL AGNEW,



2014 CADIX-Route, Antwerp

2012 Expo at De Dikke Kat, Antwerp

Duo with Evy RAES






at Multitude Signature, Zonnedauwstraat 29, 2610 Wilrijk (Antwerp) this exhibition hosted four lovely events:


24.06.18      Power Sessions


We invited people to book a session of twenty minutes to be with pieces I created.

It was suggested to come alone or to bring one other person at the most so you were free to take your time to sit, stare, listen, to walk around, to sleep, to be.

We were outside to welcome you and offcourse had a drink and a chat.  A day of flow.



02.12.17 & 16.12.17 two evening diners, exhibition in the spirit of Plato's Dialogue


exploring the theme 'Power'

surrounded by the new work of Earnest


Monday Agbonzee Jr. coloured the room with his guitar


30.12.17 a lazy afternoon, early evening with tea, coffee, cake & wine


endulging in company, thoughts and feelings around the theme 'POWER'

surrounded by the work of Earnest


Mathias Van Den Bosch generously shared his music on guitar



For this exhibition I also was invited by Leo Reijnders, de Wolkenbreiers, in his program at Radio Centraal, Antwerp on the 5th of February 2018. (www.thecloudknitters.be)

There is no division of power, only love


Multitude   2016 - ...

Hodgkinauten 2015 - 2011

Avventura dell'Arte 2014 - 2004

2009 Cultuurstraat met o.a. Jan Fabre en Panamarenko

2008 Onzea-Expo, Antwerpen

2007 Kunst-soldaten, met o.a. Roger Raveel, Sofie Muller, Sint-Denijs-Westrem

2007 L’Avventura dell’ Arte – festival , Kessel


Silent Conversations

In creating these works I have extensive conversations in silence.  Be it with my soul, my inner truth, the universe, my subconscious, my heart, … each work explores a different emotion or subject.  I enjoy having these exchanges and seeing them becoming visualised.  I invite you to have your own conversation with any work that speaks to you.  I consider these works as food for the soul.  As everyone doesn’t love the same dishes, this might as well be the case with some of this work for you. Not everyone is equally hungry.  Be my guest to take a bite, a degustation menu or to eat à la carte.

Letting go

Vol van genade     25.03.16 - 25.04.16

De wondere wereld.

Als derde project van MULTITUDE vulden we

het kasteel Sterckshof te Deurne met schoonheid en liefde.

Op Goede Vrijdag 25 maart zijn jullie welgekomen om het kasteel

en haar inwoners te begroeten en met ons het glas te heffen op het heden en de toekomst.


19.00-20.00 receptie

20.15 openingswoord

20.30 openkasteel; ateliers, tentoonstelling

22.00 FEEST Hartenkamer en binnentuin

02.00 einde

- open ateliers van kunstenaars:

Stijn Dierckx

Bors & Ritiu



- de ruimte van theatergroep De Speling

- de ruimte van psychofysiek centrum van Nico Verresen en Joy van Craen

- de coworking ruimte van Bolwerk

- de muziekzolder van Michael Frank en Monday Agbonzee Jr.

- een werkplaats voor kinderen: OOGST

- onze Hartenkamer

- onze kasteelimker Jan Aerts

- Bar Stark

- Modestudio O'Rèn

- de tentoonstelling Vol van Genade met werk van:

Carolina Tafalla

Kris Burm

Alessandra Ruyten

Tom Liekens

Tineke Thys

Mireille Robbe

Dries Segers

Matti Degueldre en Jaimy Smink

Boy Erik Stappaerts


Guus van den Hout

Mathieu V. Staelens

Sarah Ann Cousein

Els Vanden Meersch

E a r n e s t

Joris van Arkel

Suzanne Venema

Dichtkunst Moja de Feyter, Gust Peeters

Guy Van de Casteele (de Poesje van Sint Andries)

Nose to nose; Jan Somers

- muziek door Helios Quartet, Cowboys in Space, Ewout Lehoucq, Tegen Beter Weten In

Zondag 27 maart Pasen Kasteeldeuren open van 11.00 tot 18.00 uur.


Het kasteel Sterckshof is eigendom van de Provincie Antwerpen en in leegstandsbeheer van FMT Belgie.


Friday, March 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM - Monday, April 25, 2016 at 2:00 AM (CET) - Add to Calendar


Sterckshof - Hooftvunderlei 160, 2100 Antwerpen, Belgium

In 2015 Earnest was invited by CO NOVA to organise a tryptych of expositions.  I called it ALL + 1 = 1.

Love is a cocoon of happiness in a world of chaos

Final part of the ALL + 1 = 1 series, was, where the universal and the individual fuse into one, being

L O V E 

“…very simple: an expo about love.  Can you capture that in an image?

What does it look like   ? … “

ALL + 1 = 1

ALL = 1 & LOVE = 1


7 artists showed love. 

Rachel AGNEW, Hn Marco COOLS, EARNEST, Jorge MENDES, e-MOTION² en Carolina TAFALLA

“Graag zien is onweerstaanbaar DNA” - Hn Marco Cools

CO NOVA, Schijfstraat 105, 2020 Antwerpen

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

credits to Lieve Petit for coordinating NOVA and to Griet Minnebach for presenting the art works.


First out of 3 exhibitions of the ALL + 1 = 1 series this year.


Vinni Arrendell and Earnest invite you to explore HUMAN COLOURS.


Ten artists have shown their interpretation of the Human Colours philosophy.  Christine CLINCKX,  Hn Marco Cools, Anne DE VYLDER,

 EARNEST, FDT, Robin GOETHALS, Faryda MOUMOUH, OJOMO, SOLO SICK ART and Carolina TAFFALLA engaged to communicate

this message through sculptures, photography, paintings, installations and drawings.


I took part in this exhibition with 2 works:



a 3D piece of art, consisting of 5 hourglasses, filled with sand from 5 outskirts of the world, containing and representing the 5 human colours.  The hourglasses are trapped in a wooden box.  At the end of the draw are 5 small mirrors, inviting the viewer to see himself.



a group of 5 paintings, 5 self-portraits, with each of them of another skin colour.  Each portrait wears a sweater woven of the DNA-structure of a human being, as we all wear the same DNA.


Second out of 3 exhibitions of the ALL + = 1 series this year.


You could contribute as a visitor to the work 'Shelter' of Christine Clinkcx by bringing a personal object and adding it to the installation and taking one object in return.


6 artists gave their interpretation and took you along with this theme.  Rachel AGNEW, Christine CLINCKX, Hn Marco Cools, EARNEST, Waldrada ONZEA & Carolina TAFALLA.


In this expo I took part with 5 paintings and one 3D piece:







PUSH MY BUTTON, an interactive installation, where the visitor can push an emotional button, resulting in an re-action of the piece.